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The Value Sensitive Design Lab brings together faculty, students, and stakeholders in Washington state and beyond to engage human values in the design of tools and technology to support human flourishing. We are designers and researchers, thinkers and doers. The Lab contributes theory and methods for shaping technology with moral imagination.

Core Services Offered

The VSD Lab has created a number of toolkits and other creative works in order to enable designers, engineers, technologists, educators, researchers, and more to foreground human values in their processes. For the Envisioning Cards, Security Cards, Diverse Voices How-to Guide, Instructional Case Studies for Technologists and Policymakers, and other toolkits, see https://vsdesign.org/toolkits/.

Funding Information

The Value Sensitive Design Lab gratefully acknowledges the agencies, institutions, corporations, and individuals who have supported the work of the lab. Our funders include: The National Science Foundation, Grants IIS-1302709, IIS-1143966, CNS-0905384, IIS-0849270, IIS-0325035, EIA-0121326, IIS-0102558, SES-0096131, IIS-9911185, and IIS-0000567; Google Corporation; Intel Corporation; UW Center for Mind, Brain and Learning; and The Washington Research Foundation. Work on the Voices from the Rwanda Tribunal project specifically has been supported by National Science Foundation Grants IIS-1302709, IIS-1143966, and IIS-0849270; Information School, University of Washington; Seattle University School of Law; Step One; UW Foundation; John and Virginia Meisenbach; and Young Oh. To all of you, our heartfelt appreciation.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions, toolkits, and recommendations expressed on this website or related materials are those of the Value Sensitive Design Lab and do not necessarily reflect the views of our funders.

Reporting Structure

Anind Dey, Dean, Information School

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External Partners

Design for Values (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
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