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CEDR’s mission is to conduct high quality independent research that advances the state of knowledge in education and aids policymakers in decision-making so as to improve educational outcomes for all students. The ultimate goal is to help move the education enterprise toward being a continuously evolving system where learning from policy variation and adjusting policies based on what is learned is the norm, not the exception.

Funding Information

GATES ISTI 2015-2021
WTG Course Corrections 2017-2021
NSF STEM Teacher Pipeline 2017-2021
IES SPS Learning from the Source 2017-2021
IES SPED Teacher Pipeline 2017-2021
IES TELC Cooperating Teachers 2018-2022
IES CTE Teachers for Students with Disabilities 2020-2024
IES Exploration of Departmentalized Instruction 2021-2024
SRF CALDER 4.0 2021-2022
NSF Noyce 2020-2025

Reporting Structure

Edwina Uehara, Dean, School of Social Work

Related UW Entities

Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy & Governance

External Partners

Western Washington University
American Institutes of Research
Spokane Public Schools