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START Center



The START Center uses an innovative mentorship model to provide high-quality analysis and research support to public health organizations while developing applied research and analytic skills of graduate research assistants in global and domestic public health.

Vision: The START Center supports global and public health organizations to achieve impact by enhancing strategic decision making and building the next generation of global and domestic public health leaders.

Core Services Offered


Technical literature reviews and analysis
Data evaluation
Epi inquiry/study design
Background briefings
Problem scoping & definition
Convenings support and report-out

Funding Information

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Boston Scientific, Children’s Heartlink (CHL)

Reporting Structure

Dr. Judd Walson reports directly to the Chair of the Department of Global Health

Related UW Entities

Department of Global Health, Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, School of Medicine, Department of Health Services, Department of Sociology, School of Law, College of Education, Business School

External Partners

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation