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Pacific Marine Energy Center



Our mission is to facilitate the responsible commercialization of marine energy technologies, inform regulatory and policy decisions, and close key gaps in scientific understanding with a focus on student growth and development. We work closely with a variety of stakeholders, including marine energy technology developers, community members, ocean users, federal and state regulators, and government officials to conduct research on wave, current, and off-shore wind energy conversion.

Core Services Offered

Access to laboratory and field testing capabilities for marine energy conversion technologies

Funding Information

Department of Energy (2008-present), Department of Defense (2014-present)

Reporting Structure

External and Internal Advisory Boards

Related UW Entities

College of Engineering: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Applied Physics Laboratory
College of the Environment: School of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

External Partners (non-UW)

Oregon State University, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Industry Partner Network (30 members)