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As an innovation center of the University of Washington, the Haring Center is uniquely positioned at the forefront of inclusion research, educator training and student learning. To maximize our impact the Haring Center uses an integrated method of research, demonstration, and training that continually advances the field of inclusive education.

Core Services Offered

Research: Haring Center researchers study the most difficult barriers to learning faced by children with disabilities and design leading-edge solutions. Our passion for improving educational outcomes for all students fuels a relentless drive for innovation.

Demonstration: Once strategies are developed, we test our research in the classrooms of the EEU, our thriving and inclusive birth-through-kindergarten school, where we can see first-hand the impact of promising educational approaches. As a national model for inclusive early education, the EEU demonstrates that all children learn best when they learn together.

Training: Once we know that our innovations work, we train educational leaders and professionals close to home and across the globe to put those techniques into practice. In partnership with school districts and community organizations, we provide consultation, training, coaching, follow-up, and evaluation to nearly 3,000 working professionals each year. To find our professional development options, click here (https://haringcenter.org/pdu/training-calendar/)

Funding Information

U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences
U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
National Institutes of Health
Washington Professional Educator Standards Board 

Reporting Structure

Mia Tuan, Dean, College of Education

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Seattle Public Schools, City of Seattle
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