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mim_c aims to catalyze research in microbiome sciences at the University of Washington and neighboring institutions in the PNW. We define microbiomes as microbial assemblages that have coevolved due to inhabiting the same environment. While microbiomes are found in nearly all habitats on earth, mim_c is particularly interested in those that impact human health or are critical for sustaining our environment. These encompass the distinct microbiomes that can be found at different sites on our bodies, such as our gut and oral cavity, and in habitats like the roots of plants that provide sustenance and contribute to the health of our planet. As microbiome research is inherently interdisciplinary, a key function of mim_c is to connect scientists with diverse expertise to one another and to enabling resources. Through these efforts, we aspire to build a foundation upon which impactful discoveries and therapeutic advances in the microbiome sciences can be built.

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UW Department of Medicine
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NIH NICHHD 2018-2020
Institute for Translational Health Sciences 2018-2019
Cure 4 IBD

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