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Keck Microscopy Center



The Keck Microscopy Center provides training and access to light microscopy and advanced image analysis software for the entire University of Washington research community. Current instrumentation includes multiple 3D-confocal and widefield microscopes, a wide range of imaging objectives, motorized stages for mosaic tiling and multi-point live imaging, and environmental control equipment for live imaging. Image processing and analysis capabilities include IMARIS 3D visualization and analysis software and Leica Lightning deconvolution software. Non-UW researchers may also use the services of the Keck Center.

Core Services Offered

Widefield microscopy, 3D-confocal microscopy, image analysis, training, and consultation

Funding Information

National Institutes of Health National Center for Research Resources (NCRR)
Service Recharges
Departments of Physiology & Biophysics and Pharmacology, School of Medicine

Reporting Structure

Department Chairs of Physiology & Biophysics (PBIO) and Pharmacology

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