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Health Alliance International



The mission of Health Alliance International is to promote policies and support programs that strengthen government primary health care and foster social, economic and health equity for all.

Core Services Offered

  1. Community-to-Clinic Linkages: HAI works with ministries of health and local community-based organizations to design, implement, and evaluate programs that better connect public sector clinics and the communities they serve.
  2. Skills-Building for Health Providers: HAI designs, implements, and evaluates on-site training programs on a variety of health care delivery topics, including post-training follow-up and in-practice coaching initiatives that maintain skills over time.
  3. Care Integration: HAI works from the health facility level to the national level to design, implement, and evaluate strategies to integrate “vertical” services into primary health care delivery systems.
  4. Data Systems Improvement: HAI designs, implements, and evaluates programs that systematize and improve the quality of data-driven decision-making among health system management and leadership.
  5. Local Research Capacity Building: HAI trains local researchers and health system leadership to design, implement, and evaluate health system interventions using implementation science methodologies.

Funding Information

US Government Grants (CDC, NIH, USAID, HRSA)
Australian Government Grants (DFAT/PHD)
United Nations Agency Grants (UNICEF, UNOPS)
Private Foundation / NGO Grants (Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Direct Relief)
Individual Contributions

External Partners

Health Alliance International’s primary partner is the Ministry of Health in each of the countries where we work. We also work closely with local community-based organizations, universities, and government health institutes, as well as with several international advocacy, humanitarian, and service organizations. See HAI’s website, for a full list of external partners.