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Harm Reduction Research and Treatment Center



To work collaboratively with substance users, community members and organizations to develop, conduct, evaluate and disseminate evidence-based interventions that help to reduce substance-related harm, improve quality of life, and promote social justice and racial equity for affected individuals and their communities.

Core Services Offered

Program Evaluation
Harm Reduction Training

Funding Information

NIH from 2010-present

Reporting Structure

Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Related UW Entities

We are housed in the School of Medicine and operate with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. We offer practicum opportunities for students in medicine, psychology, nursing, public health and social work.

External Partners

Our partners include: ACLU, Catholic Housing Services, Downtown Emergency Service Center, Evergreen Treatment Services, Jail Health Services, King County Council, MHCADSD, Pioneer Human Services, Public Defenders Association, Seattle City Council, and the Seattle Police Department, as well as directly with affected community members to work toward our goal of reducing harm and improving the quality of life for individuals and communities.