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The mission of the eScience Institute is to support data-driven discovery in all fields – to ensure that UW is a leader in advancing the techniques and technologies of data-driven discovery, and in making them accessible to researchers across the campus.

We are at the dawn of a revolutionary new era of Science. Rapid advances in technology are transforming discovery in nearly all fields, in two important ways. First, massive experiments are being carried out by simulating the real world using computer systems with thousands of processors. Second, large numbers of tiny but powerful sensors are being deployed to gather data on the sea floor, in the forest canopy, in gene sequencers, in buildings and bridges, in living organisms. These approaches share a common trait: they produce enormous amounts of data that must be captured, transported, stored, organized, accessed, mined, visualized, and interpreted in order to extract knowledge.This computational knowledge extraction lies at the heart of 21st century discovery.

Unfortunately, many researchers, even the very best researchers, are not well versed in these new computational techniques. Up until now, for example, one could be a world-class oceanographer without having access to modern computational techniques. Not in the future, however! The competitiveness of the University of Washington requires that we rapidly make these new computational techniques available across the campus.

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Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
National Science Foundation
University of Washington

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