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Center for Preservation and Adaptive Reuse (CPAR)



The Center for Preservation and Adaptive Reuse (CPAR), in the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington, seeks to support innovative interdisciplinary research, advocacy and education of our existing, historic and culturally rich built environments. Realizing that preserving and adapting our built fabric is both socially and environmentally sustainable, the center seeks to find new, innovative and collaborative methods to address how we can preserve and reuse our diverse built environments for more vibrant cities, towns and landscapes.

Core Services

Education, advocacy and research on building reuse, preservation, sustainable reuse of the built environment;  historic surveys, landmark nominations and research, HABS/HERS drawings, and a broad range of research and documentation on the existing built environment.

Funding Information

Start up from College of Built Environments

Reporting Structure

Dean, College of Built Environments

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