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Center for Ecosystem Sentinels



The Center for Ecosystem Sentinels is the umbrella organization for The Magellanic and Galápagos Penguin Projects, iGalapagos.org, iArgentina.org, and student research and education programs. The Center works to understand what sentinel species are telling us, protect their environment, and inspire others to take action. We train the next generation of scientists and make a positive contribution to sentinel species and their habitats through field studies, long-term datasets, scientific publications, persuasive communication of conservation science to the general public, mentorship of early-career scientists, and use of science to inform the public and guide policy.

Core Services Offered

The Center emails an update to interested individuals periodically and works to support the International union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Penguin Specialist Group.

Funding Information

University of Washington Foundation
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Seaworld/Busch Gardens Conservation Fund
Galapagos Conservancy
Leiden Conservation Foundation
Detroit Zoo
Friends of the Penguins
Tortuga Foundation
Zoo Augsburg

Reporting Structure

David Perkel, Chair, Department of Biology

External Partners

Wildlife Conservation Society
Global Penguin Society
Galapagos National Park
Province of Chubut, Argentina