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Center for Cardiovascular Innovation (CCVI)



The Center for Cardiovascular Innovation brings together experts in cardiology, cardiac surgery, cardiac anesthesiology, radiology, and engineering to collaborate in the development, translation and clinical implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic devices. In addition, the Center provides hands-on training through dissection and cadaveric perfusion. We focus on coronary and peripheral artery disease, structural heart disease, heart failure, and heart rhythm disorders. Projects encompass transcatheter mitral and aortic valve replacements, left ventricular assist devices, vascular access and closure devices, left atrial appendage closure devices, imaging of coronary artery plaque, and additive manufacturing (3D printing).


  • Cadaveric Studies
    CCVI uses propriety cadaveric perfusion model to create a testing and training environment that is as similar to the clinical environment as possible.
  • 3D Printing
    CCVI takes data obtained from medical imaging and translates the data into three-dimensional printed models. This allows physicians, fellows, residents, and medical students to learn from accurate 3D models of patient-specific anatomy and supplements procedural planning.

Funding Information

Educational courses and cadaveric studies; David and Nancy Auth Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Innovation

Reporting Structure

Dean, School of Medicine

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