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This is a two-part course, consisting of 2 hours of online work and a 1 hour follow-up live session. The online work must be completed in order to participate in the follow-up live session.

The course takes a deep dive into the Research Administration Data available through the Research Administration Data Cube (RADC) on the BI Portal. Online lectures orient you to the Research Administration Data landscape with an explanation of the cube and a tour of its data points including awards, proposals and expenditures. Video demonstrations highlight the types of questions that can be answered using the RADC. The online portion of the course concludes with two exercises for participants to complete. Completion of the online work is required to participate in the follow up session.

The instructor-led follow-up session includes a debrief of the exercises and an opportunity for participants to ask specific research administration data questions. Previous data experience is assumed; participants are expected to be comfortable using Excel and pivot tables and have EDW access prior to attending this course.


University of Washington staff interested in analysis of the research enterprise at any level of the organization (department, school/college, and/or campus).

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Last Updated

Oct 2020

Course Materials

Class Slides, Facts and Dimensions, Resources, Infographic, Connecting to Cube, Class Examples, Connecting to UW VPN, Project Assignment

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