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Required Training

Shipping Hazardous Materials

This 4 hour classroom course explains exactly what a hazardous material is, and how to ship hazardous materials in commerce. You will learn about the various regulatory authorities that govern the shipment of hazardous materials: Department of Transportation (DOT) International Air Transportation Association (IATA) International Maritime Dangerous Good Code(IMDG), as well as how you can properly classify, package, mark, label, document, and offer hazardous materials for commercial shipment with the assistance of a UW Shipping Center.

There are three online shipping modules for University personnel who only ship the materials covered by these classes. The online modules meet the regulations and must be refreshed with the same frequency. Please see:
Shipping Biological Category B (https://www.ehs.washington.edu/secure/train/catbshipping/index.shtm ),
Shipping Dangerous Goods in Excepted Quantities (https://depts.washington.edu/ehas/pubcookie/train/shipping/index.php ), and
Shipping Dry Ice with Non-Dangerous Goods or Exempt Patient Specimens (http://www.ehs.washington.edu/secure/train/dryicshp/index.shtm ).

Who is required to take this training?

Faculty, staff, and students who prepare or ship hazardous materials

Summary of the requirement

Federal regulations require that all persons who mark, label, package, document or classify hazardous materials for shipment be trained and certified by their employer. They need to complete initial training followed by recurrent training every 2 years.

Related policies and regulations


  • General safety training for the material to be shipped.