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Required Training

Respiratory Protection and Mask Fitting

Covers selection, maintenance and proper procedures for use of respirators, and if applicable, individual fit-testing.

Who is required to take this training?

Employees and students required to wear respirators on the job.

Summary of the requirement

State law requires that every employee who wears a respirator must be medically cleared, trained and fit tested. (Exception to full program participation is VOLUNTARY USE of filtering-facepiece respirators (dust masks) where no respiratory hazard has been identified.) (Exception to individual fit-testing is use only of a Powered Air Purifying Respirator – PAPR.) Respirator use is not voluntary if a respiratory hazard exists, such as exposure to hazardous dusts, gases or vapors; exposure above permissible exposure limits (PELs); or hazardous exposure to an airborne biological hazard. Where voluntary use of filtering-facepiece respirators is allowed, the employee is not required to participate in annual medical clearance, training and fit testing. For voluntary users who choose to wear other types of respirators (i.e., tight-fitting cartridge respirators, PAPRs, etc.), medical clearance, training and fit-testing are required.

Related policies and regulations


  • Prior to attending class, supervisors must submit a Respiratory Request Form for review and approval. After the request form is approved, employees/students will be sent a medical questionnaire that must completed for review and clearance by medical staff