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Required Training

Radiation Safety Training

Radiation Safety Training consists of four online modules and a two-hour classroom training and final exam to satisfy the basic training requirement for radiation workers as set forth in the University of Washington Radioactive Materials License.

Who is required to take this training?

All personnel who wish to use Radioactive Materials at the University of Washington.

Summary of the requirement

State and federal regulations require that individuals who work with radioactive material be provided with sufficient training to enable them to conduct their work safely. This training must include information on the potential hazards associated with the use of radioactive material and the means by which these hazards can be minimized, emergency procedures, and institutional procedures for the procurement, use, and disposal of radioactive material. It is also required that each Authorized Investigator provides instruction to all personnel on specific radiation safety requirements for the laboratories in which they will be working. This training must be directly related to the duties of the individual, and commensurate with the risks.

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