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Required Training

Pig Hands-on Laboratory

Demonstrates proper techniques for humane handling, restraint and use of pigs, including recognition of normal and abnormal physical and behavioral changes and gender determination. There is discussion of appropriate methods of blood vessel access, administration of medication, anesthesia, analgesia and euthanasia.

Who is required to take this training?

Personnel who will be handling or performing procedures on awake pigs.

Summary of the requirement

The Animal Welfare Regulations make it the responsibility of the institution to provide training and instruction on humane methods of animal maintenance, including the basic needs of each species, proper handling and care, and proper use of anesthetics and analgesics. The PHS Policy as implemented by the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare also requires that the institution is responsible for the training of its staff. Among other things, training must ensure that individuals are trained and qualified in handling techniques, and that researchers performing experimental manipulations are qualified to accomplish such procedures humanely.

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