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SOP IRB Review


This document describes the procedures used by the University of Washington Institutional Review Boards (IRB) and Human Subjects Division (HSD) for conducting IRB review. It also references the numerous tools (e.g., Worksheets) used by the IRB and HSD in support of the review process.

Change Notes

Removed references to paper process; updated links – 06.24.2021
Minor revision to section about delegation of authority for limited & expedited IRB review – 02.25.2021
Add information about delegation of IRB authority; revise sections on convened IRB review – 12.09.2020
Significant revision to condense information from several, now retired, documents into a single SOP on IRB Review – 6.26.2020
Added language for the revised Common Rule – 12.28.2018
Updated links – 09.06.2017