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GIM 27 – Use of Vertebrate Animals in Sponsored Programs

Effective October 20, 2017


This policy establishes the procedures for assuring the ethical treatment of live vertebrate animals in sponsored programs.


Presidential Order No. 53 sets forth the University’s policies and procedures concerning the use of animals in research, teaching, and other activities.

Federal law and regulations, including the Animal Welfare Act and Regulations, PHS Policy and the NIH Grants Policy Statement require that institutions obtain IACUC approval of those components of grant applications and contract proposals related to the care and use of animals prior to conducting such animal activities.


Before sponsored program funding, the proposed activity must be reviewed by the Office of Animal Welfare (OAW) and determined to be congruent with the cited IACUC approved protocol(s). The determination is made by OAW for a period of time not to exceed that of the cited IACUC protocols and may be renewed.

No costs for activities with live vertebrate animals may be charged to sponsored programs if there is not a valid and current IACUC approved protocol in place that covers such activity, as determined by OAW.

Procedures and Guidance:

The Principal Investigator (PI) shall provide a copy of the associated proposal to OAW after proposal submission to the sponsor and upon receipt of a fundable score or intent to award as indicated from the sponsor. OAW shall confirm grant/protocol congruence to the PI, with copy to OSP, or require the PI to revise the protocol accordingly.

eGC1s marked by the PI as a “Transfer from Another Institution,” as an “After-the-Fact” eGC1,  or as a ”Supplement and Extension”  include OAW in the approval flow and OAW will review and approve the eGC1 directly in SAGE prior to arrival in OSP.

Other administrative actions, such as budget extensions, also require verification that grant/protocol congruence is current. Such actions will not be approved by OSP until receipt of such verification.

At time of award, if the associated eGC1 indicates the use of vertebrate animals, OSP will not release the funding into a sponsored program budget number until receipt of verification of grant/protocol congruence. Verification is provided through the congruence review by OAW that confirms the associated protocol(s) is current and the proposed work is included.

Questions about the preparation or handling of sponsored programs involving animals should be directed to the OAW via phone at (206) 685-7363 or via email at oawrss@uw.edu.

Additional information can be found on OAW’s website.


Principal Investigator (PI):

  • Notify OAW of any proposals requiring grant/protocol congruence review as soon as it is requested by the sponsor or receipt of intent to fund received from sponsor.
  • Provide documentation related to approval of animal use taking place outside of UW per compliance questions on the eGC1.
  • Monitor expenditures so that animal use activity charges are not incurred unless protocol/grant congruence is approved and current.
  • Notify OAW of any change that require an updated congruence letter.
    Examples include:

    • Change in scope of work (e.g. different species added)
    • Addition of animal research to scope of work
    • Original congruence letter needs renewal

Office of Animal Welfare (OAW):

  • Perform side-by-side review of the proposal and cited IACUC protocol(s) to ensure congruence.
  • Resolve issues related to this review with the PI.
  • Establish necessary agreements with non-UW entities.

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP):

  • Submit assurances regarding animal use to sponsor upon confirmation of grant/protocol congruence.
  • Accept an award only upon verification of grant/protocol congruence.


Any live, vertebrate animal used or intended for use in research experimentation, testing, training, investigation, or related purposes.

Grant or contract within the meaning of Executive Order 34.

Has the meaning of a GC1 within the meaning of Executive Order 34.

Grant/protocol congruence:
Confirmation from OAW of congruence between the proposal and the cited IACUC protocol(s) that can be provided to the sponsor, OSP, and/or GCA to release funding.

An Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee properly constituted in accordance with all Federal requirements under authority of the Animal Welfare Act 7 USC s2131 et seq pursuant to the Health Research Extension Act of 1985, Public Law 99-158.

IACUC approval:
Notice from the IACUC that proposed animal use activity is authorized.

The UW Office of Animal Welfare, the administrative unit at UW under the control of the Executive Director for Health Sciences Administration responsible for operations of the  UW IACUC within the meaning of Executive Order 53.

OSP approval:
All holds from ancillary reviewers have been released and an award or other administrative action can be accepted and processed.

Has the meaning described in GIM 1.

Sponsored Program:
Has the meaning described in Executive Order 34 for those activities associated with outside agencies for support of research and research facilities, University-administered traineeships and fellowships, institutes and special teaching programs, and other University activities which are to be supported wholly or partially with non-University funds.

Change Notes

Details on changes to this GIM are available from the Office of Sponsored Programs, osp@uw.edu