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New Faculty Spotlight: Welcome Sara Mouradian

Sara Mouradian's profile picture

Sara Mouradian

Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
College of Engineering
Scalable Quantum Research Lab

What is your Research Focus?

The Scalable Quantum Research Lab is working to build quantum technologies at the scale useful for real-world applications. To do this we’ll need to control millions of qubits (in contrast to today’s systems which have only tens). In particular, we focus on the engineering challenges surrounding trapped ion quantum information processing. We design system-level architectures that support all the pieces of the puzzle – integrated optical control, stable trapping fields, and parallel readout. We are also investigating the theoretical and experimental limits to gate speed, error rate, and calibration overhead.

What opportunities at the UW excite you?

I am so excited to be here at the University of Washington! My research in quantum technologies is at the intersection of many fields, and I’m looking forward to joining and collaborating with the community of researchers working on quantum information science across the College of Engineering and the University. I’ve also enjoyed interacting with students and am energized by their enthusiasm and excitement about learning new topics and jumping into research. Finally, I am happy to be part of a community that cares about diversity, equity, and inclusion and am excited to join these efforts to increase access to education and research opportunities.