UW Research

Glossary of Terms and Acronyms


An ethical principle discussed in the Belmont Report that entails an obligation to promote good (or benefits). It refers to the balance between the risks and…


In the research context, something of positive value derived from research procedures. Per federal regulatory guidance, payments, gifts, course credit, etc. for research participation are not…


Refers to one of the several classes of products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Biologics are derived from living sources (such as humans,…


A finished, labeled product that contains vegetable matter, which may include plant materials, algae, macroscopic fungi, or combinations of these. Depending in part on its intended…

Cancer Consortium

A research collaboration consisting of the University of Washington, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle Children’s, and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. It is recognized…


See: community-based participatory research

Central IRB

See: Single IRB

certificate of confidentiality

See: federal certificate of confidentiality


See: Code of Federal Regulations


Person who has not attained the legal age (as defined by a state or country) for consent to the treatment or procedures involved in the research….