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A legal instrument (award) of financial assistance between a sponsor and a recipient. The purpose is to transfer something of value to carry out a public purpose and not to acquire property or services. It is not cash, subsidy or a loan. There is no substantial involvement from the sponsor in implementation of the award.

Grant Characteristics:

  • Intent is to support the sponsor’s mission, advance knowledge and/or provide public good
  • Typically requires programmatic reports
  • Includes terms & conditions for use of the funds such as budgetary restrictions
  • Will state programmatic objectives
  • Awardees work towards achieving broad programmatic objectives
  • There is usually some flexibility to adapt project or adjust scope, budget etc. (though may require sponsor approval)

When choosing a Project Type on an eGC1 in SAGE the following are also considered “grants”:

  • WA State Agency Interagency agreements (unless originating funding is a federal contract)
  • IPA, JPA, Staff Assignments

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