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*IRB Protocol


This form is used in conjunction with Zipline to submit an application to the IRB. If you anticipate that you will have no contact with subjects, such as with a medical records review, use the form: APPLICATION IRB Protocol, No Contact with Subjects.

The form must be submitted as a Word document (not PDF or other format).

Change Notes

Update data sharing question for clarity – 04.25.2024
Minor clarifications to: audio recording RCW; UW Medicine security review questions; consent presenter qualifications; alternatives to research participation – 11.29.2023
Revise and expand question on RCW for audio recording; clarify consultation question; make it clear an identifiable LDS created for an investigator’s own use requires a HIPAA waiver – 10.02.2023
Revise data sharing question for clarity and to add advisory point about UW Medicine security review for machine learning using UW Medicine PHI – 06.29.2023
Add references to GUIDANCE Designing the Consent Process; remove references to Standard Consent Template; remove taxonomy emphasis for all references – 06.01.2023