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This form is used in conjunction with Zipline to submit an application to the IRB. If you anticipate that you will have no contact with subjects, such as with a medical records review, use the form: ZIPLINE APPLICATION: IRB Protocol, No Contact with Subjects.

Change Notes

Removed all references to Confidentiality Agreements and to state law RCW 42.48 – 07.28.2019
Instructions about accessibility issues; new set of questions about return of individual research results; revise deception question; remove questions (newborn blood spots; retrospective/prospective data); minor wording, link and numbering corrections – 04.12.2019
Updated consent questions to conform with revised Common Rule; other minor fixes and updates – 11.30.2019
Many minor updates related to Zipline upgrade, see release notes for details – 08.24.2018
Minor revisions to clarify the intent of various questions – 01.12.2018
Corrected question 8 directional and typos – 06.23.2017
Corrected formatting – 04.14.2017
Updated links and fixed typos, clarified deception question – 04.05.2017