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*Request External IRB Review


Use this form to request authorization to obtain IRB review from a non-UW (“external”) IRB instead of the UW IRB.

The form must be submitted as a Word document (not PDF or other format).

Change Notes

Revise and expand question on RCW for audio recording; clarify consultation question – 10.02.2023
Update hyperlink and add email address contact – 07.27.2023
Add advisory point about UW Medicine security review for machine learning using UW Medicine PHI – 06.29.2023
Add section on billing information; clarifications to e-consent section; other minor updates – 06.01.2023
Remove COVID question – 03.30.2023
Add notice of FHCC Scientific Review Committee requirement; reorganization of advisory points – 12.29.2022
Add UW policy notifications for MTurk, eCare/MyChart/Care Everywhere, UW Medicine and UW Dentistry fellows/residents – 08.25.2022
Add questions for combination site and subject payment – 11.23.2021
Update references to revised consent materials; add cannabis research question – 10.08.2021
Clarify that the REDCap Mobile application does not capture legally valid e-signature – 07.22.2021
COVID questions revised – 07.08.2021
Add requirement for HSD approval for use of e-signature; Add DocuSign as valid tool for capturing HIPAA authorization e-signatures; Add new requirements for use of ‘Other’ e-signature systems – 03.25.2021
Removed question regarding ITHS COVID research review – 02.25.2021
Revise Youth Office review question; change WIRB to WCG IRB – 12.09.2020
Addition of REDCap as option for e-consent; restructure COVID review question; addition of UW Youth Program ancillary review question – 10.15.2020
Clarifications on participants older than 85 – 08.14.2020
Updated COVID-19 question – 08.12.2020
Minor revisions for clarity – 06.26.2020
Minor clarification to section 4.5 – 12.13.2019
Add questions about the qualifications of the UW PI and study team, including requirement for a PI CV or Biosketch – 11.15.2019
Removed all references to Confidentiality Agreements and to state law RCW 42.48 – 07.28.2019
Minor wording corrections (no change in meaning) – 04.12.2019
Minor wording updates, including removal of dried bloodspots question – 11.30.2018
Questions reorganized; addition of DSMB question; dbGap question – 08.24.2018
Reconfigured to accommodate requests to use any external IRB  – 01.12.2018
Updated links – 05.17.2017