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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Which single F&A rate applies when the Primate Center is involved? OSP Rates
Which advance budgets do I have access to? ORIS
When should a PI be designated as an Application PI? OSP
When should a PI be designated as a Multiple PI? OSP
When do I submit an Interim RPPR to NIH?
When do I need to use an eGC1? OSP Research Administration
When do I need to prepare an eGC1 for a progress report? OSP Research Administration
When an international graduate student’s salary and tuition are paid for by a foreign entity, does this need to be reported to NIH as Other Support? OSP Sponsor Requirements
What’s the difference between a PD/PI, Multiple PI, a Co-PI, a Co-Investigator, and an Application PI? OSP
What’s the difference between an incoming subaward and an outgoing subaward?