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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What if budgets have multiple UW departments, different IDC rates and multiple sub-budgets? ORIS
What happens if the sponsor award is different than the budget we requested? For example, they reduced it overall or changed the amount in the consortium line? Will the department re-budget or adjust the SAGE Budget? What will the process be? ORIS
How will we be able to update a live budget? ORIS
Are other aspects of award setup changing beyond using SAGE Budget when receiving an award for a Funding Action? Will departments be providing other details to inform the Funding Action? ORIS
If we don’t use SAGE budget for proposals, can we input a summary SAGE budget by object class and spend category vs. a detailed line item budget? ORIS
Do SAGE budgets auto-populate for salary cap, and is it automatically updated each year? ORIS
Will we be able to modify UW IDC on subawards? EX: U grant with multiple Cores/Projects going to one subaward site. ORIS
If GCA returns the form to campus, when campus re-completes it, does it route to OSP again or back to GCA directly? ORIS
Is there anything from the eGC1 that cannot be changed on the award setup request form? (Perhaps the PI and the sponsor?) I.e., how do we avoid having a completely unrelated award attached to an eGC1? ORIS
Is there any cross check functions to prevent duplicated award setup requests? ORIS