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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Is there any cross check functions to prevent duplicated award setup requests? ORIS
What about incremental awards, that are for less than a full year and/or cross budget periods? ORIS
Will the award setup request go through a review process like the eGC1 in pre award? ORIS
SAGE currently allows eGC1 visibility for any application that includes resources (human or other) in my org code. How will that work in the new system? For example, I need to see the various training grants across campus on which a faculty member is listed as a mentor. ORIS
What if the award has different project period dates than what was proposed in SAGE budget? ORIS
In SAGE Award Activity Record will there be a record of each released amount within a non-competitive cycle in addition to the cumulative awarded amount so we can see how much and when those funds were made available? ORIS
Will any information from UWFT ‘flow back’ to the SAGE award tool? To create reports, projections, etc.? ORIS
Will the SAGE changes replace many of the functions of MyResearch? ORIS
It would be helpful to hear about the future state processes that will replace Transpasu’s and re-budgeting forms. When that information becomes available. ORIS
Will you recommend we create a copy/new sage budget for the award process/compared to the proposal stage? ORIS