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Frequently-Asked Questions

Do I need an eGC1 or a Modification for a staff assignment?

Use an eGC1 for a Staff Assignment

  • When a brand new staff assignment agreement is being put into place, you (campus) will need to create and route an After-the-Fact (ATF) eGC1 for each staff member being paid under the staff assignment.
  • When you are trying to add new staff under an existing staff assignment who have not yet been set up for that staff assignment, you will need an eGC1 for each new staff member.
  • When a staff assignment is continuing for a staff member and the staff assignment award number and start and end dates on the award have changed.

What about the Award Setup Request for a Staff Assignment?

For staff assignments routed to OSP on an ATF eGC1, OSP will initiate the ASR and route it back to campus for their completion.

Use an Award Modification for a Staff Assignment

  • When there is a change or amendment to the staff assignment agreement with the external entity, you will need an Award Modification Request in SAGE.
  • When additional support is an amendment or modification to an existing staff assignment award number, use a Award Modification Request in SAGE.