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October 4, 2019

NIH: Loan Repayment Programs

What is the NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRP)?

NIH will help repay student loan debt to encourage outstanding health professionals in the pursuit of research careers in biomedical or biobehavioral research careers. Loan repayment benefits are in addition to the institutional salary received for research. The LRP online application is open each year from September 1 to November 15.

Five Extramural Loan Repayment Application Categories
If you are or will be conducting at least two years of qualified research funded by a domestic nonprofit organization institution outside NIH, you may be eligible for one of the five extramural LRPs:
1.     Clinical Research
2.     Pediatric Research
3.     Health Disparities Research
4.     Contraception and Infertility Research
5.     Clinical Research for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Review NIH Instructions and Apply


Only ONE LRP application per individual may be submitted to NIH in any fiscal year.


Email: osplrp@uw.edu include “NIH LRP” in the subject line
Phone: 206.543.4043

Search the NIH LRP Ambassador Directory for one of our UW LRP Ambassadors and contact them for more information on their experience.

More information from NIH:

Getting Started & Process Details

You DO NOT need a UW internal eGC1 to participate. If your research funding is administered by another institution (such as Seattle Children’s Research Institute or Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research) their Office of Research should be verifying your application.

  • Follow NIH registration and application guidance.
  • Institutional Contact Information to use on the application if your research funding is being administered by the UW:
    • Carol Rhodes, Director of UW-OSP; Email: osp@uw.edu
    • Always use osp@uw.edu on NIH LRP applications for the UW email address.
  • OSP LRP representative receives a notification from NIH LRP.
  • OSP LRP representative obtains Institutional Base Salary & verifies requirements below with the department administrator with concurrence from department chair
  • After concurrence on all required items the OSP LRP representative submits certification of the application to NIH LRP.
  • OSP LRP representative notifies Applicant & Department that certification has been submitted to NIH LRP.

Verification requirements needed by OSP LRP representative from department with chair concurrence for NIH LRP applications:

  • Applicant and/or their research referenced in application are supported by
    • a domestic non-profit foundation, non-profit professional society, or other non-profit institution
    • a Local, City or State Agency; or
    • a grant from a Federal agency;
  •  Applicant does not receive salary from a for-profit institution, contractor, or any non-U.S. entity
  • Applicant is not a full time federal employee or fellow (including VA);
  • Applicant will engage in qualified health disparities research for a minimum of 20 hours per week;
  • Applicant will be provided the necessary time and resources to engage in the named research project for the specified number of years from the renewal date of their LRP contract; and
  • Named research project complies with applicable Federal, state and local laws (e.g., applicable human subject protection regulations) and is not research for which funding is prohibited by Federal law.

NIH reviews the applications and makes selection of recipients.
In late spring, NIH will request OSP LRP representative to verify salary and employment of the selected applicants.

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