Organization Code Receiving Funding

Organization Codes have been replaced with Cost Centers; see Cost Center Receiving Funding article.

The Organization Code Receiving Funding is the UW’s ten-digit code which identifies the department or unit that will receive funding. Ask your fiscal specialist or department administrator which code you should use.

Note: GCA requires the code to be at the department level or below. See the OPB Orgcode and Budget Number Guidelines for an explanation of organization levels.

The following image shows this section before a code is selected.

E G C one org code receiving funding section

Enter your organization code number directly on the page or select Look Up Organization Code to use the Organization Chooser.

Once you have selected the organization code, the associated Box number will appear. You can edit the box number if desired. If you need to change the box number associated with the code, use the “Changes To Existing Org Code Form” available from the Office of Planning & Budgeting web page.

You can also use the +/-  buttons to expand and collapse the organization code’s hierarchy. The following image shows an expanded hierarchy.

E G C one org code hierarchy example

The Change the Organization Code? link will re-display the chooser so that you can select a different code.