Grant Runner Supported NIH Activity Codes

The information on this page is organized by Activity Categories/Program, based on the National Institutes of Health mapping.

NOTE: * All activity codes listed with a (*) next to it are listed twice within the table depending on budget form used; the application package will include a 5 YR budget unless the FOA project Period Exception flag is Y (Yes).

Activity Category Grant Runner Supported Activity Codes
Basic Research

(Modular, RR 5 Yr Budget or Dual Budget)

YES R01*, R03 (NIH), R15, R21, R34, RF1, UF1, U34, UC4*, U01*, DP5*, UP5*, UH2, UA5,RL1,

G07, G08*, G11*, G13*, R03 (AHRQ), R13, U13, R18, U18, R25, R38,R33, R36, S11*, RC1*, RC2*, RC3, RC4, S07*, DP4, DP7*, R24*, U24*, RM1*, UM1*, UG1*, UH3, UH4*, UH1, UC2, R50,R28, UE5,

SC1, SC2, SC3, R16

Basic Research

(RR 10 Yr Budget)

NO R35, SI2/R00, G08*, G11*, G13*, R21/R33, S11*, UH2/UH3, RC1*, RC2*, S07*, DP7*, R24*, U24*, RM1*, UM1*, UG1*, R61/R33, UH4*, UG3/UH3, R01*, UC4*, U01*, DP5*, UP5*
Endowment Program YES S21*, S22*
Endowment Program (RR 10 Yr Budget) NO S21*, S22*
SBIR Program NO R43, R44,U43, U44, SB1, UB1
STTR Program NO R41, R42, UT1, UT2
Shared Instrumentation Program Modular Budget only S10
NIH Director Awards Modular Budget only DP1, DP2, R00
Targeted Research Award Modular Budget only DP3
Construction Program NO C06/UC6, G20
Pre-Application YES X02, OT1
Resource Award YES X01
Career Development (5 Yr Budget) Forms-H Coming soon! K01*,K02*, K05*, K07*, K08*, K18*, K22*, K23*, K24*,K25*, K26*, K76*, K43*, K38
Career Development (10 Yr Budget) NO K01*,K02*, K05*, K07*, K08*, K18*, K22*, K23*, K24*,K25*, K26*, K99/R00, K76*, K43*, K38
Fellowship Program Forms-H Coming soon! F05, F30, F31, F32, F33, F37, F38, FI2, F99/K00
Training Grants NO T15, T32, T34, T35, T36,

D43, K12, U2R,

T37, D71,

T01, T02, T03, T14, T42, T90, T90/R90, TU2