Application Details

The Application Details section provides basic information for the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA), and campus reviewers. The following image shows this section.

E G C one application details section

Field Description
eGC1 Number A unique, system-generated number used to identify an eGC1 and application. It is used in OSP correspondence.
Full Application Title Enter the complete project title of the application. This title must match the title on the sponsor application. Refer to the sponsor’s instructions for the length permitted. Maximum of 255 characters.
Short Title Enter a short title (no more than 22 characters, usually assigned by the PI or department) to identify the project within the UW financial system. Upon award, this will be the name of the budget.
Requested Start and End Date Enter the anticipated beginning and ending dates of the project period. These dates must match the dates on the sponsor application. Specific dates should be used for Royalty Research Fund (RRF) Applications.
Sponsor Deadline Enter the last date the sponsor will accept the application or the date the application must be postmarked. Include the time of day and the corresponding time zone. See GIM 19: Internal Deadlines for Proposals to Outside Agencies to understand when OSP needs to have your application based on the sponsor’s deadline. Note: this is not required for NAA type applications.
Date Needed from OSP Use this optional field to enter the date that your department is requesting OSP’s approval process be complete.
Signed and Unsigned Sponsor Copies Required Optionally, enter a numeric value to indicate the number of signed copies and/or unsigned copies of the application required by the sponsor. Refer to the sponsor’s instructions for this information.