eGC1 Preparer

When you create an eGC1, you are automatically named as the eGC1 Preparer. Approvers may contact you during the review process, and OSP and/or GCA staff following the awarding of funds.

To select a different preparer, click the Change the eGC1 Preparer? link beneath the preparer information to open the Personnel Chooser. Search for and select the new person.

When you choose to change yourself as the preparer, a warning message will appear. If the change you are making removes your last access to this item, once you confirm the change, the tasklist will display.

loss of access warning dialog

The information displayed for the preparer is:

  • Name and Employee ID
  • Selected unit: the name and Cost Center of the contact’s unit for the appointment selected. This is automatically displayed by SAGE.
  • Title: the contact’s title from the directory. This field is editable.
  • Phone: the contact’s phone number from the directory. This field is editable and is required.
  • Email: the contact’s email address from the directory. This field is editable and is required.