eGC1 Budget

You can enter your budget figures on the eGC1 Budget page or connect a budget created in SAGE Budget. The advantages of building a budget in SAGE Budget and then connecting it to your eGC1 are that you can easily access current salary information and F&A rates, track different versions of your budget, and reduce duplicate data entry from SAGE Budget. See Connect Budget for more details.

E G C one budget section

If you choose to enter your budget information manually into the eGC1 Budget page, be sure to do the following:

  • Specify the appropriate UW Financial Accounting System (FAS) Object Code for each of your expenditures. The UW object codes may be different from the sponsor’s budget categories, so a conversion between the categories may be necessary. See the financial system Object Codes for more details.
  • Include each budget item only once to ensure that SAGE does not count them twice in those totals which are automatically calculated.
  • Enter the direct costs for the first budget period (e.g., year 1) and the direct costs for the total of all budget periods. For single-year budgets, entering data in the “1st Period” column is optional.