Additional Information for RRF Applicants

If your sponsor is the Royalty Research Fund, you will see this section. The fields are required.

Please also refer to the Instructions for Preparing an RRF Proposal for more details on completing an eGC1 for the RRF.

E G C one additional information for an R R F application

Research Area
Select the one area that best classifies the research. If unsure, consider reviewing the RRF Committee Members list and their departmental affiliations.
The areas are:
  • Arts or Humanities
  • Social or Behavioral Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Basic Biological or Biomedical Sciences
  • Clinical Biomedical Science
Application for RRF Scholar? (one quarter teaching release)
Answer Yes or No. If Yes, be sure to document your teaching load in section E of the Description of Research.