One Year Investigator Disclosure History

This pop-up window displays the investigator’s disclosure history for the past year. It displays when you click the Investigator Disclosure History link for a specific investigator on the PI & Personnel page.

The Investigator section lists the person’s name and employee number.

The One Year Disclosure History section displays a table of disclosures with the following information.


Field Description
Disclosure Submitted The date the investigator completed this disclosure.
Disclosure Number The unique number assigned by the Financial Interests Disclosure System (FIDS) to the disclosure when it was created.
Primary eGC1 The number of the eGC1 associated with this disclosure. If the disclosure is for C4C, IRB, or SFI-only then “(not available)” is displayed.
Review Status The current status of the disclosure.
FCOI Status The result of the disclosure’s review.

If an investigator has never completed a disclosure in FIDS, or has not completed one in the last 12 months, the following message will display:

  • This investigator has not submitted any disclosures within the past year.