Principal Investigator

Every eCG1 must have a Principal Investigator (PI) listed on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page. For additional information on who can be a PI, review the UW Research Personnel page.

Note: The person you select to be the PI must have the SAGE ASTRA role of PI. If the person does not, you will see a dialog warning message. The PI must have this role before you can route the application for approval. Each department manages who may be a PI.

In the case of career development applications there could be a difference in the eGC1 PI and the PI on the sponsor’s application. See the article on the Application PI for more details.

To add the PI, select Look Up Principal Investigator and use the Personnel Chooser to search for the PI. You can enter all or part of the person’s name, or search by their UW NetID or Employee ID (EID). Some individuals have more than one appointment. Use the Academic Appointment Type and Unit information to pick the appropriate one for the project.

Once you add a PI, the Change the Principal Investigator? link displays.

Principal Investigator section

Note: If your eGC1 has a connected SAGE Budget, read the SAGE Budget and eGC1 Shared Access Data page to learn how PI information is displayed.

Data for the PI comes from the UW Directory and Workday academic appointment or position information.

  • Name  and Employee ID Number
  • Selected Unit: The unit associated with the academic appointment or position selected when choosing the PI
  • Title: Based on the academic appointment or position selected
  • Primary Position Unit: The unit associated with the PI’s primary position
  • UW box number: The UW box number for the PI’s primary position
  • Phone, Fax: The PI’s office phone and fax numbers, if available from the directory
  • Cell Phone, Pager: This information is optional
  • Email: The PI’s full campus email address from the directory

If your project has one or more multiple PIs, see the Multiple PIs article on how to designate them.