eGC1 Contacts and Assign Access Page

This page allows the eGC1 Preparer to add an Administrative Contact and a Pre-Award Budget Contact, both of whom are optional.

In the Access section, the preparer and other owners (contacts and PI) are listed. One person may hold more than one of these roles. Owners have edit access.

With edit access, you can give other individuals read-only or read/write access to the application. Review Assign Access for how-to steps.

When you connect a SAGE budget to an eGC1, then the Budget Preparer is listed in addition to the eGC1 Preparer, and the two items have a shared access page.

If you create an Advance Budget Request for the eGC1 (with or without a connected budget), the Advance Preparer(s) and any others assigned access to the Advance will also be listed in the Access section of the eGC1’s page.