Application Documents Information

In this section, indicate if OSP needs to handle any paper documents, and who will submit the application to the sponsor.

e g c 1 application documents information

Will paper documents be submitted to OSP in support of this application?

Answer Yes if you will be sending any paper documents (sponsor or internal for UW) to OSP for this application.

Requirements for providing sponsor documents to OSP and campus units may be different. Please be sure to check with the campus units involved.

Will sponsor documents be submitted electronically to the sponsor?

Please identify how your application will reach the sponsor. Follow your sponsor’s instructions for how you should submit your application.

Response Description
Yes, by OSP via Select this for applications using the federal portal.

If you have created a Grant Runner eGC1, the system will automatically select this, and you cannot change it. For more information about submitting to, see OSP’s page: at UW.

Yes, by OSP via online sponsor system Select this when using a sponsor system that requires OSP to do the actual submission process. For example: NSF, eRA Commons, HRSA Electronic Handbook, and RAMS ProposalCentral.
Yes, by the PI/research group Select this when the PI will complete the submission process electronically from the sponsor’s system. For example, sponsor web sites that require you to upload and send the application (without saving it).

Whenever possible, OSP prefers to submit electronic applications; please contact your OSP Administrator to coordinate this.

No Select this when you will not be submitting the sponsor application electronically in any fashion. Usually this means that you will send the signed paper documents to the sponsor.

Royalty Research Fund (RRF) Applicants: If you are submitting a proposal to the (RRF), you should answer No to both questions. Please refer to the Instructions for Preparing an RRF Proposal for more details.