Escalation of PI Certification

Escalation Allowed

Under the standard approval process, the Principal Investigator is the first approver notified for the application. In circumstances when the PI is in the field and unavailable to approve via the internet, the first reviewer for the Cost Center Receiving Funding can approve on behalf of the PI. Usually, this is a Department Reviewer. This means that an ad hoc approver cannot approve for the PI.

A person (other than the PI) with read/write access to the eGC1 would check the PI Escalation box on the Certify & Route page to request that another reviewer approve on behalf of the PI.

e g c 1 escalation of P I certification

Checking the box will escalate the approval for the PI to the first reviewer for the Cost Center Receiving Funding. The system will send email notifications to both the PI and the first-level reviewers. Depending on the department’s local policy, you may need to add the chairperson to the chart using the Add Approver function. You may need to submit a written request to the Chair (check with your administrator).

When the Cost Center Receiving Funding unit reviewer, or the PI’s selected unit reviewer, approves the Application online, their approval will also mark the PI box as approved. Therefore, when “Jayne the Reviewer” approves for “Dept X”, the PI box on the approval flow will show that “Jayne the Reviewer” also approved for the PI. This approval by the department constitutes an endorsement of all aspects of the application. It should not be used as a routine convenience.

Note: Any Application PI or Multiple PIs added to the approval flow cannot approve for the eGC1 PI.

Escalation Not Allowed

Depending on the sponsor, this feature may not be available. For example, it is not available for NIH applications.

In that case the following version of the section would appear.

e g c 1 escalation of P I not allowed