Update Application

This section appears at the top of the Certify & Route page after an application has been routed to reviewers.

To unlock your application for editing, click the Withdraw button to change its status to Withdrawn and make it editable. Only eGC1 owners, users with assigned read/write access, or reviewers with the Global Editor role can withdraw an eGC1.

After you make your changes and re-route the eGC1, it will continue routing where it stopped when you withdrew the application. Thus, people who already approved the eGC1 do not need to approve it again.

Depending on the significance of the changes made, you may want to use the Add Approver feature to add them to the flow a second time, so they can approve the changes. Check with your unit for guidance.

If you make changes to a compliance question, change the PI, or add new personnel, etc.,  the approval graph may change. Any approved nodes that remain on the changed flow, will still be in an approved state.

Note: If you have marked an eGC1 as Ready to Submit and it has In OSP status, you cannot withdraw it. Instead, contact OSP and request they return the eGC1.

certify and route page showing application is routing green banner