Access Permissions

Access permissions govern what a user may see and do with a specific eGC1 (and connected budget) in SAGE.

The eGC1 Preparer, Principal Investigator (PI), Administrative Contact, and Pre-Award Budget Contact are automatically Owners of the eGC1.

  • When you link an eGC1 and Budget, the Budget Preparer also becomes an owner of the eGC1
  • If you create an Advance Budget Request for the eGC1 (with or without a connected budget), the Advance Preparer(s) and any others assigned access to the Advance will also be listed in the Access section of the eGC1’s page

Any owner, any user with Read/Write permission, or any user with the Global Edit ASTRA role for the appropriate Cost Centers may give Read-Only or Read/Write access to other SAGE users.

Different permission types have different access rights:

Owner Read/Write Read-Only Global Editor Approver Watcher
View Contents Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit Contents Yes Yes No Yes * No No
Assign Access Yes Yes No Yes * No No
Delete Yes No No No No No
Complete Yes Yes No No No No
Withdraw /
Yes Yes No Yes * No No
Return No No No No Yes No
Add Reviewer or Watcher Yes Yes No ** Yes No
Add Comment Yes Yes No ** Yes Yes

* Note: A Global Editor can edit or withdraw an eGC1 only if the editor’s span of control matches the Cost Center of an approving unit. Global Editors access eGC1s from the My Approvals tab. Note that you cannot see eGC1s in Composing status on the My Approvals tab.

** A Global Editor cannot add reviews, watchers, or comments even if they has Read/Write assigned access to the eGC1.

To create an Advance Budget Number Request for an eGC1, you must be an owner or have been assigned access – either Read/Write or Read-Only. For Global Editors, this means you must open the eGC1 from the Approvals tab and assign yourself access (or change one of the contacts, if appropriate). Then you can create an Advance.