Assign Access

If you have a permission type of Owner or Read/Write, or have the ASTRA Global Edit role for the appropriate organization codes, you may give access to the eGC1 or Budget to other SAGE users.

Add a Person

  • Click on the Add User link on the Contacts & Assign Access page to open the Personnel Chooser. Search for and select the person.
  • Select the appropriate permission type (Read Only or Read/Write) for this person from the pull-down menu.

Remove a Person

  • Change the Permission Type value to No Access and click the Save icon to remove someone from the Assigned Access list.

When you choose to remove yourself from the access list, a warning message will appear. If the change you are making removes your last access to this item, once you confirm the change, the tasklist will display.

loss of access warning dialog

See the Access Permissions page for more information about permission levels in SAGE. Read the SAGE Budget and eGC1 Shared Access Data page to learn how contact and permission information is displayed on a shared access page from both your eGC1 and its connected SAGE Budget.

The information displayed for each person with access is:

  • Name
  • Permission Type: The permission level for the individual.
    • Owner:
      • On an eGC1, the following people are automatically owners: Principal Investigator, Administrative Contact, Pre-Award Budget Contact, and eGC1 Preparer. The Budget Preparer is also an owner on the eGC1 if a Budget is linked.
      • On a Budget, the following people are automatically owners: Administrative Contact, Pre-Award Budget Contact, and Budget Preparer. The eGC1 Preparer is also an owner on the Budget if an eGC1 is linked. The person with the role of PI on a Budget is not give owner status by default. However, if the Budget is linked to an eGC1, the PI for the eGC1 then has owner status for both the Budget and the eGC1.
    • Read Only or Read Write: Assign one of these permissions when you add someone.
  • Reason: For owners, their relationship is listed. All others have a reason of Assigned Access.