SAGE Overview


SAGE – the System to Administer Grants Electronically – is the web-based system used by faculty, researchers, administrators and staff to:

  • Submit funding applications for consideration
  • Route them electronically for approval
  • Request advance budget numbers
  • Initiate subawards

The core SAGE system allows you to carry out several tasks, including budget development, creating an eGC1, using Grant Runner to complete SF424 R&R forms for NIH opportunities, reviewing and approving applications, and submitting a request for a budget advance.

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SAGE Budget

SAGE Budget helps you create an accurate budget for your grant proposal. It auto-populates data from the payroll and financial systems, helps you select proper rates, and calculate totals automatically.

eGC1 Forms and Grant Runner

eGC1s are the electronic Grants and Contracts forms you use to route your grant proposal through the University’s internal compliance process.

A Grant Runner application combines the eGC1 and sponsor forms for some NIH funding opportunities requiring SF424 R&R forms, including Modular, Detailed and Subaward Budgets. With the click of a button, OSP can electronically submit your application via to the sponsor.


This electronic routing engine stages eGC1s for approval by associated departments, colleges, compliance offices, and the Office of Sponsored Programs.


Use this part of SAGE to complete an online form to request an advance budget number.


Submit a request for a new subaward or a modification of an existing one.

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