Review an Application

You can use the left navigation menu of an open application to review its various pages. Each page of the application provides information to carry out a full review of the proposed sponsored project.

Page Description
Control Sheet This page displays a select set of information from the application as a quick reference.
Details Includes titles, dates, organization code receiving funding, project details, sponsor, and originating sponsor. The eGC1 preparer

  • inputs the titles, dates, copies needed, sponsor information, and any additional information for existing applications or awards.
  • selects the organization code from a list limited to department-level codes, and the system populates the corresponding box number.
  • selects the application type, project type, and sponsored activity type from defined lists; checks, if appropriate the ATF box.
  • selects Sponsor from a sponsor database maintained by OSP, which also defines the sponsor type. and adds an Originating Sponsor, if appropriate.
  • adds any additional information for existing application or award
PI, Personnel, & Organizations Lists the PI and other research personnel. The system verifies that the person selected for PI has a SAGE PI ASTRA role. For each person, the system displays Investigator status, Significant Financial Interest (SFI), and Compliance Details. Applications that are Post-Approval may display Post-Approval Personnel Changes.

The preparer may indicate any interdisciplinary organization units or other units that should be added to the approval graph for Joint Appointment Unit, TBA Personnel Unit, Space and/or Resources, or Other.

This page is always read-only.

Contacts & Assign Access Lists the Administrative Contract and the Pre-Award Budget Contact, both of whom are optional. In the access section, the preparer (creator) and/or owners (contacts and PI) are listed. One person may hold more than one of these roles. An application owner may give another person read-only or read/write access to a specific application; they also display here. This page is always read-only. If the preparer link the application to a SAGE Budget, the Budget Preparer also displays.
Abstract & RFA/RFP Displays the abstract and the Request for Application/Proposal or Program Announcement information. The preparer must complete the RFA/RFP section, but may enter text such as “not applicable.” If the application is a Grant Runner one, the system auto-populates this information.
Activity Locations Displays the locations where research activity will take place, any space planning (former FG-4 question), and any international activity locations (international question formerly on the Details page).  This page is not editable in SPAERC.

The prepare either selects a location from the GeoSIMS databases or manually adds one. The preparer answers yes or no for space planning and international involovement, and if yes, provides details.

Budget & Fiscal Compliance The Fiscal Compliance section contains questions about F&A costs, administrative and clerical costs, and cost sharing.

The eGC1 Budget section displays a summary of the budget for the application period and totals for all periods. The preparer may have entered the data directly, or linked a SAGE budget. If there is a linked budget, the budget name and ID will display. You can click the link to view the details. See the Budget section for more information.

Cost Sharing Indicates the types and amounts of any cost sharing.  If the preparer selected “Yes” for Fiscal Compliance Question F3, they must enter cost sharing.
Non-Fiscal Compliance Shows the yes/no responses to the questions and any required explanations and additional questions. The research team’s responses to compliance questions affect the Approval workflow.
Attachments & Routing Questions There are sections for:

  • Campus Notification (Ready for Pickup), used to send campus an email (for details, see the Ready for Pickup article)
  • Application Documents Information which indicates if there are paper documents, and how the application will be submitted to the sponsor
  • Several categories for documents attached to the application, or to related items such as Funding Actions
  • There is a specific section for OSP uploaded documents