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Campus uses SAGE (System to Administer Grants Electronically) for preparing the proposal application and its budget, approving the application, and requesting advance budget numbers. SAGE has four tabs:

  • From the Budgets tab, preparers can create a detailed budget for the entire proposal time period, including sub budgets. The budget can be linked to an eGC1, and used for the initial submission to the sponsor, and subsequent renewals. It is optional, currently, as it does not yet address all budget needs. Budget IDs have a prefix of B.
  • The eGC1 Forms tab is used by preparers to create the application, link a budget if desired, and attach the sponsor documents. Application IDs have a prefix of A.
  • The Approvals tab is used by reviewers to review applications and any linked budgets; to approve applications; and, if necessary, to return applications to preparers for revision.
  • The Advances tab is used by preparers to request an advance budget number for applications that have a status of Approved or Awarded, and which OSP has indicated are eligible for an advance. Advance IDs have a prefix of ADV.

To use SAGE, campus personnel must be granted access through the university’s ASTRA (Access to Systems, Tools, Resources and Applications) system.

Generally, departmental ASTRA administrators assign the following SAGE roles:

  • Principal Investigator to researchers, based on each department’s criteria
  • Proposal Preparer to research administrators
  • Division, Department, or Dean’s Reviewer for campus approvers and watchers.

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