OSP Notes Page


You can access the OSP Notes page by clicking the OSP Notes tab from an opened item. This page is only visible to people with access to SPAERC. You can use this page to:

  • Enter notes on an item.
  • View all the OSP Notes that have been entered by OSP for the item.
  • View the eGC1 Comments which were entered by the eGC1 preparer for campus and OSP reviewers. In SAGE, these notes are called “Additional Information” and are added on the Certify & Route page.
  • View system-generated notes for holds or assignments.

Note: The OSP Notes History section at the bottom of the main FA or PAC page is visible to both SPAERC and SERA users, and contains some of the OSP Notes information. In an eGC1 application, the OSP Notes also display at the bottom of the Control Sheet.

To add an OSP note

  • From the open application, click the OSP Notes tab.
  • In the Notes field, enter your comments. You can then click the Reset button to clear the text or click Save to keep the note.
  • After clicking Save, the page will refresh and display the newly-added comment. Once you add a note, you cannot edit or delete it.

Information Displayed

The Application OSP Notes History displays the details of four types of actions: status changes, assignments, holds, and notes directly added.

A Funding Action may also display a type of “GCA Update” which indicates that a field has been edited by GCA. The note text will indicate the change that was made. For example, Budget Details Location changed from [Award documents] to [eGC1 Attachments].

OSP Notes History screen shot

  1. Date: when the action occurred.
  2. Type: what action generated the entry.
  3. Entered by: the person taking the action.
  4. Status: shows the value that resulted from the action taken.
  5. Assigned to: for an assignment change, the new person.
  6. OSP Note Text: system-generated comments or ones directly entered.

A single action can result in multiple entries on the OSP Notes page. For example, the scenario below shows:

OSP Notes history screen shot

  1. An application reaches In OSP status once the last campus approval is made by the reviewer
  2. The application is withdrawn by the owner (David)
  3. When it is re-completed by the owner, three entries are logged:
    • a. An assignment to the OSP reviewer as part of the re-completion (indicated as SPAERC Administrator)
    • b. An initial change of status from Withdrawn to Routing
    • c. A second change of status from Routing to In OSP once the system assesses that all campus approvals are still complete following the withdrawal

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