SPAERC organizes items into tasklists to help you manage your work. Each tasklist displays all items of a specific type.

SPAERC includes five standard tasklists:

  • Applications: lists all existing items in any status other than Composing.
  • Funding Actions: lists all existing items, in any status. A Funding Action (FA) is created when an application has been awarded. It is used to provide information to Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) so they can set up a budget.
  • Subawards: lists all existing items, in any status. These are created and processed by the Subcontracts group within OSP.
  • Cycles: displays all existing items. Cycles group together related applications, funding actions, subcontracts, and admin actions.
  • Admin Actions: displays existing items, in any status. There are several types of Admin Actions: unidentified (AA), Pre-Award Notification (PAN), Post-Award Change (PAC), Non-Award Agreement (NAA), and Close Out (CO).

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