Subaward Attachments

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Attachments for Subawards are associated with individual subaward requests. There are two subsections: Department Request Documents for attachments uploaded by campus and OSP Documents. Campus users can view any OSP uploaded attachments or any Auto-Generated Document for the subaward request.

Note: You can view, delete, or update any attachment regardless of the subaward request status.

subaward attachments section

To attach a document to a subaward request

  • Select the Lock icon to unlock the request, if needed.
  • Select Add Attachment, and then enter a description for the attachment.

add a subaward attachment

  • Use the File Type drop-down menu to select the type of document you plan to attach. Attachments with a type of Department Attachment will be listed in the Department Request Documents subsection. All other types will be listed under OSP Documents.  The possible file types are:
    • Agreement
    • Audit Items
    • Department Attachment
    • FFATA Report For Grants
    • FFATA Collection Form
    • FSRS Filing Confirmation
    • Supporting Documents
    • To/From Communications
  • Click Browse to locate the file you want to attach, click the file name to select it and then click Open, or double-click the file name.
  • Once you have selected your file, click Upload to complete the process.

Note: You can change the File Type after you have attached the document.

To view attached documents

  • Click the Description to open the attachment in a new window.

To update an attached document

To upload a new version of an attached document, use the update function. SPAERC keeps all of the attached versions of a document.

  • Click Update to the right of the attached document you want to update. The system will populate both the Description and File Type fields with the values from the document you are updating.
  • Adjust the description as needed, then browse to find the new document and upload it. The updated version will display in the list of attachments.
  • To see the earlier versions of a document, click the “+” to the left of the attachment description to expand the version history. Click the “-” button to contract it.

subaward attachment updated

Note: You can update only the most recent version of a document.

To delete an attached document

  • Click Delete to the right of the attached document you want to remove. You can update or delete only the most recent version of a document. The system will prompt you to confirm the deletion.