The approval flow is a sequential list of all UW individuals, divisions, departments, deans, and/or compliance offices (including OSP), that must review and sign off on a proposal before it is submitted to the sponsor. The proposal is automatically routed to the individuals and units included in the approval flow. Approvers prior to OSP are notified of pending proposals via e-mail notification. OSP is notified of proposals needing approval via their SPAERC task list.

Reviewers may have the option to approve a proposal, return it to the preparer for changes, add a comment that then becomes part of the permanent record of the proposal, mark it as watched, and/or add an additional reviewer or watcher to the approval flow.

You can view a graphical and a text representation of the approval flow for each application from within SPAERC. Both versions are accessible from links in the left navigation menu of an open application.

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